10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Tell your friends you are here

so they can join you too!

Call 814-255-6515 to register

The Community Arts Center would like to state a new policy in regards to our special events. We will no longer be giving refunds for event cancellations or postponements. Instead, the Arts Center will offer Log House Bucks, a dollar for dollar credit that can be used towards future Community Arts Center events & class sessions.

Community Arts Center of Cambria County
Hours of Operation

Call 814-255-6515 to register

Call 814-255-6515 to register

Call 814-255-6515 to register

Call 814-255-6515 to register

Call 814-255-6515 to register

Golf Yoga

*Partnering with Sunnehanna Country Club*

Adriann White

$40 Package, $15 Drop-in Class


*Every Monday*

Let Adriann help and prepare you for a limber golf year.

For more information contact Sunnehanna Country Club at 814-255-4121

or click here for their website 


Call 814-255-6515 to register

Don’t have time for a 4 or 6 week class? Then try our sampler ARTy pARTies that just require one evening of your time … AND… go home with a finished project! $10.00 fee for each ARTy pARTy. *You must register 2 days prior to class*

Wednesday, Sept. 13    6:30-8:30pm

Black Lite Family Class - Malcolm Crittenden: Artist, Malcolm Crittenden will conduct hands-on blacklite classes. Blacklites will be set up at each table and students will use fluorescent crayons and pencils to make art. Malcolm will guide participants through the different steps to make an unbelievable masterpiece!

Thursday, Sept. 28 (Ultimate ARTy pARTy)  6:30-8:30pm   $15                  
Decorative Fall Wreaths - Melanie Rossi:
Make a seasonally aesthetic wreath, by bringing the fall inside your home with lasting colorful ambiance. Make your creation that you can enjoy throughout Thanksgiving and for years to come!

Wednesday, October 18   6:30-8:30pm
Beginner Mosaics - Tamara Hayes: 
Have you ever wanted to mosaic, but didn't have the supplies or time? Join us and create your own unique piece! 

Call 814-255-6515 to register

Call 814-255-6515 to register

Call 814-255-6515 to register

New- Log House Bucks!

Keeping the Arts Alive in Cambria County.

Call 814-255-6515 to register

2017 FALL Classes

FALL … in love with art Today & TRY SOMETHING NEW!

Please REGISTER for class by phone, 255-6515

PAYMENTS must be made by 9/8/17.

(M: Member)   (NM: Non-Member)

Elizabeth Good

M:   $42                                                                       NM:  $48               
4:30-5:30 pm                    6 Mondays … Sept. 11-Oct. 16
5:30-6:30 pm                    6 Mondays … Sept. 11-Oct. 16

Renew your energy for FALL! Through practice of revitalizing Quigong forms and a Yang-style short form of Tai Chi, students will discover how to free energy & reduce stress while building strength, balance and stamina. Flexible soft-soled shoes and loose clothing are recommended. Prior experience in tai chi not required.

*NEW* Exploring Light, Color, and Form *NEW*
Lara Rice

M:   $37                                                                    NM:  $42               
N: 4:30-6:30 pm                       6 Mondays … Sept. 11-Oct. 16

Learn to create what you see, not what you know is there. Join Lara as she teaches concepts and techniques of life painting. The emphasis of light exploration with color as influenced by art history will pull light contrast into drawings and paintings. Subject matter of each class, like sunflowers or night painting, will teach you how make your work of art pop or glow on various mediums.

Painting w/ ACRYLICS & Mixed Media Textures
Richard Hower

M:  $45                                                                                    NM:  $50   

    6:30-8:30 pm                              6 Mondays … Sept. 11-Oct. 16
For the beginner to intermediate student … Different brush techniques will be explored, along with color theory, color mixing &
composition. Expand your knowledge with new concepts of mixed media textures.

Learn to Crochet
  Mary Lynn Mahla

M:   $42                                                                                   NM:  $47
6:30-8:30 pm                              6 Mondays… Sept. 11 – Oct. 16
Beginners will learn the basics of starting a project, basic stitches such as chain stitch, single & double crochet & more. The class will cover other techniques... increasing, decreasing, and pattern reading. Projects include a dishcloth, spa cloth, scarf or necklace. Experienced students may bring something they are currently working on. Materials needed: Practice yarn & G or H hook.

Yoga & You
Adriann White  

M:   $38                                                                          NM:  $45   

6 Tuesdays … Sept. 12 – Oct. 17           1:00-2:00 pm

6 Tuesdays … Sept. 12 – Oct. 17           6:45-7:45 pm

6 Thursdays … Sept. 14 – Oct. 19         1:00-2:00 pm
Energize your life! Try yoga to restore and renew your spirits. Yoga is a great way to release tension & stress and boost radiance. Make sure to wear loose and comfortable clothing. If you have your own yoga mat and tension strap, please bring them to class.                    

KNITTING For Beginners 

Margaret Smith

M:  $35                               Limit 6                             NM:  $40       
6:30-8:30 pm                                5 Tuesdays … Sept. 19 – Oct. 17   

 Enter the wonderful world of knitting … it provides enjoyment & a sense of accomplishment… plus, improves mood, reduces stress, and boosts confidence. You will learn all you need to know to complete your first knitting project. Materials fee for new students, $12.00, payable to teacher.

Charles Rametta

M:   $37                                                                      NM:   $42                  
6:30-8:30 pm                                6 Tuesdays … Sept. 12 – Oct. 17

Have a digital camera, but need help using it? This class will help you get to know your camera & show you how to use all the
different settings, Class is part lecture & part hands-on. Must have digital SLR camera for this class.  Bring your camera & manual to class.


*NEW* Batiking *NEW*
Tamara Hayes

M:   $39                                                                   NM:  $44           
5:30-7:00 pm                                6 Tuesdays … Sept. 12 - Oct. 17
Due to popular demand, we are making one of Summer’s HOTTEST ARTy pARTies a class!! Use gutta, melted wax and colorful dyes to create multiple decorative pieces, such as a wall hanging. This class will use variety of fabrics, advanced techniques, along with NEW miscellaneous textured surfaces.

Jean Thompson

M:  $42                                                                        NM:  $47          

6:30-8:30 pm                               6 Tuesdays … Sept. 12 – Oct. 17
Learn to prepare patterns & all techniques needed to complete a 13”x16” hanging panel of a lighthouse & sailboat design for the
beginner; for the intermediate student, a 13”x18” panel iris design. Purchase supplies prior to 1st class, glass for sale at the Community Arts Center. CAC will provide all other equipment for use in class. Supply list given upon receipt of payment. Stop in to receive beginners pattern, intermediate students will be permitted to work on a pattern of their choice.

Wheel Thrown POTTERY
Connie Rauch Schneider

M:   $54                                    Limit 7                        NM:  $60

6:30-8:30 pm                             6 Tuesdays… Sept. 12 – Oct. 17
Students learn techniques such as wedging, centering, opening & raising the walls of pots, and more. Once familiar with these
techniques, learn how to create plates, bowls, mugs, teapots & other lidded vessels. Materials fee: $20 for clay, glazes and firing, payable to CAC.               

Beginners Basic JEWELRY MAKING
Jen Sukenik

M:  $25                                     Limit 8                            NM:  $30

6:30-8:30 pm                                   3 Wednesdays … Oct. 11 - 25
Learn the basics… jewelry making terminology, different techniques and materials… everything you need to know to make your own jewelry for Fall. Projects will include earrings, bracelet, and necklace. PLUS… get creative using old jewelry pieces you might have lying around the house.  Materials fee: $20, payable to instructor.

Landscaping Painting
Dennis Mosso

M:  $37                                                                       NM:  $42

6:30-8:30 pm                        6  Wednesdays … Sept. 13 – Oct. 18
Learn to paint (and draw) landscapes as you learn foreground, middle ground, and background, along with “what is perspective?” Using the grid method, you will learn to draw trees, mountains, and buildings and more. Calendar photos will be used as reference.

Autumn Decorative Tray Painting
Sande Staib

M: $35                                                                 NM:   $40

6:00-8:00 pm                            5 Wednesdays … Sept. 13 – Oct. 11
This decorative painting project will consist of a 11 x 14 serving tray painted with a Fall scene theme; “Old Crow Farm.” The pattern will consist of a pumpkin, a gourd, and a container of sunflowers featured in the background. Come to class and create a wonderful masterpiece for inside of your home for the fall! Materials fee: $13 payable to CAC.

DRAWING Fundamentals   
Lara Rice

M:   $42                                                                    NM:  $47

5:30-7:30 pm                         6 Wednesdays … Sept. 13 – Oct. 18  
Learn basic drawing skills working with different materials (graphite pencil, charcoal, Conte crayon, etc). Learn about value and shading techniques and how to use gesture in drawing. If you are a beginner or just want to improve the skills you have, you will learn to draw creative subject matter.

Dale Thompson

M:   $42                                   Limit 7                          NM:  $ 47
6:30-8:30 pm                        6 Wednesdays … Sept. 13 –Oct. 18 
Dale will teach you the exploration of woodcarving basics, then take your newfound experience a step further…  A  3-D project will be completed. Supplies needed: Cut-resistant glove, (available from Amazon), approx. $10. Stop in to see the sample.

*NEW*    Budget Bites    *NEW*
Joshua Ensley

M:  $35                                    Limit 8                             NM:  $40
6:00-8:30 pm                                    3 Wednesdays… Oct. 4-18

Easy to do at home recipes that won’t break your budget. 

Week 1: Creamy Black Bean Taquitos - High in Protien, Low on Cost
Week 2: Chicken Yakisoba - Sweet, & Tangy Japanese Noodles
Week 3: Pasta Puttanesca - A Classic Italian Dish w/ a Bold Aroma & Flavor


2017 Fall Workshops

Book Folding Art
Melanie Rossi

M:  $10                                                                       NM:  $15                  
6:00-8:00 pm                                      Thursday... September 14

The “art” of BOOK FOLDING will show you how to reuse your old books in an unusual & creative way and give them a new purpose. The center of your “beloved” book will turn into a heart when all the folding is done. Materials needed: a hardback book with at least 470 pages, plus a ruler with centimeter markings. Stop and see the sample.

GLASS FUSING Workshop **Fall LEAF Plate**
Ken Robb

M:  $54                                                                      NM:  $59

10:00 am - 1:00 pm                          Saturday... September 16
Get ready for fall by making two plates, 6” and 4”. These Fall themed plates will teach the layer techniques of colorful powder frit. Stencils of various maples leaves will create the coloring on both clear glass plates. Once fired, your masterpieces will be the perfect addition to your Fall and Thanksgiving tradition.

Emely Casadevall

M:  $12                                                                      NM:  $17                   
10:00 am-1:00 pm                                   Saturday … September 30
Many times, technology can be confusing. This workshop will give you the ability to utilize all the features and “apps” of your phone. Learn what to do when your phone has a mind of it’s own!

Watercolor Workshops
Richard Hower

M:  $45                                                                                    NM:  $50

10:00 am - 2:00 pm                                 Saturday … September 30
This class is for the beginner or intermediate student who wishes to further develop their skills. Students will utilize typical watercolor techniques with new concepts to create a completed painting.

*NEW*   Painting Party   *NEW*
Lara Rice

M:  $35                                                                      NM:  $40                   
11:00 am-3:00 pm                              Saturday … October 7

This still life, “guided painting party” will allow students to paint flowers of their choice w/ a “night scene” background. Beginning by sketching a flower with charcoal, briefly discuss and learn techniques of transmitting evening/night colors into your painting. This party is aimed to create the different styles of painting, drawing, and any other questions that students may have.

Adult THEATRE Workshop
Tim Jacobs

M:  $39                                                    NM:  $44
12:00-4:00 pm                                   2 Saturdays… October 7 & 14
Have you acted before? If so, join this theatrical workshop and learn about the ins and outs of basic and intermediate acting skills. Work with scripts/scenes from well-known shows that will transform you into a new character. Learn how to interpret scenes, build
characters, explore improv and much more. At the culmination of the second class, you will put on showcase of your scene work!

*NEW*              BOOTCAMP: Encaustic Wax              *NEW*
Donna Whitford-Housel

M: $37                         Please bring a lunch.                  NM:  $42

10:00 am-4:00 pm                                          Saturday… October 14
Encaustics are inspired by an ancient Greek art form of painting white sculptures with wax to make them appear realistic. This multi-media art form will include melting wax to create intricate designs of your choosing with various painting techniques used to bring your piece to life. Additional supplies fee can be made payable to instructor.


Mary Battaline

M: $17                                                                      NM:  $22                
6:00-8:00 pm                                               Thursday… October 19
You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to make this flavorful cookie! One of Mary’s favorites...made with dried cranberries and almond extract… it’s sure to become YOUR favorite. Bring a small container for take-home.


*NEW*            HALLOWEEN DANCE PARTY            *NEW*
Angela R. Godin

Per Couple    M:  $11                                          NM:  $16 
Saturday… October 21     7:00-9:30pm
Join us for the first ever Community Arts Center Dance Party! This Halloween Dance Party is costume themed, with prizes for
various categories. Come “shake your groove thing”. This party is open to the public and will feature classic songs, modern, and even some Halloween inspired music. Preregistration is encouraged, but not required. Mini Hustle Dance Class Included. Refreshments provided, adult beverages for purchase.

FIGURE Drawing
Tanya Kvarta

M: $29                                                                        NM:   $34
12:00-3:00 pm                                            Saturday … October 21
For the beginner to intermediate student. Learn important structural characteristics of the human figure, including posture, movement, angle of view, contour, and more, as you draw a live model. Explore light and shade, plus different approaches to make our drawing appear 3-D. Use charcoal and white pastel pencil as your drawing medium. Please bring a picture of a figure or choose one from a magazine.