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The Community Arts Center of Cambria County is proud to present its July exhibitions, EPIC ERA OF SIGNAGE, by local artist Bob and Pat Hovanec of Big City Signs. This fascinating show features a collection of signs, including the unique and iconic representations of Johnstown’s finest.

About the Artists

Bob started painting at a very young age. He got his first airbrush in 7th grade. Bob lettered and airbrushed anything, from motorcycles to tractor trailers to signs. Attending VoTech post-secondary for commercial art, Bob was hired at Marathon Poster in 1984 as the art director.

 Pat, once her kids started school, got a job at Marathon Poster, where Bob trained her. She learned how to hand letter and screen print, everything was done by hand.

 In 1992, Bob and Pat purchased Big City Signs and moved to their current location, 115 Atlee St. in Ferndale. Bob has always had a passion for signs, while Pat’s evolved over time. They’ve attended many “Letterhead” shows, where sign painters from all over the country would come together to share old and new techniques. This peaked their interests, particularly in glass signs. They started designing and creating “vintage” signs of Johnstown, businesses that are long gone, by using old techniques. The history of Johnstown lives on in the memories Big City Signs creates.