Memoirs: The First 20 Years ($10) - by Carol Fris
This labor of love by a local Johnstown author chronicles the humble beginnings of the Community Arts Center. You'll be enchanted by her captivating style, and happily caught up in the memories and history that make the beloved Center what it is today, now 50 years old in 2018.

All proceeds from this book benefit the Community Arts Center.

The Log House ($8) - by Carol Fris
This book details the history of our Log House, from 1884 to the present. "The Log House" was compiled by Carol's husband, Jack, who also arranged the collection of writings for her other books. He generously donated "The Log House" books to the Community Arts Center as a continuation of his and Carol's longstanding support.

All proceeds from this book benefit the Community Arts Center.

Life Cycles ($10) - by Carol Fris

"My romance with words began when I was in the fourth grade and I never lost that childlike wonder for life..." 

A collection of stories, essays, and poems by the late Carol Fris, of Johnstown. 

Sense of Wonder ($10) - by Carol Fris

"Good morning. Today is Christmas. No one knows you are here. Maybe today I will tell them. Then again, maybe I won't. I like having you to myself. You're fun to talk to and to be with and it's nice sharing this secret - just you and me - the only two people in the world who know about you." A collection of stories, essays, and poems by the late Carol Fris.

Under The Apple Tree ($8) - by Carol Fris

"Boy, I feel good today. Great - in fact. I have finally found my 'gift.' Allow me to explain." Essays of life in the slow lane, by the late Carol Fris.

What's a Grandma To Do? ($11.95) - by Betty Fieser Rosian

"If I'd known how much fun grandchildren were, I'd have had them first." A book of 20 fun things to do with young grandchildren, including taking mystery pictures, nature walks, magic tricks, inventing an animal, and more!

Listen to Your Mother ($11.95) - by Marianne Spampinato

Don't play with your food. Don't talk to or take rides from strangers. If your friends jumped in a lake, would you? Take a trip down memory lane with the author's humorous and heartfelt recollections of guidance well-given.

Family of Love ($15.95) - by Christine F. Carpenter

Emily, a spirited young patient in a state sanatorium in the 1940s, dares to believe she will overcome an incurable disease and live to create  family with Len, the love of her life. Though she's sent home to die and her dashing Italian beau enlists as a paratrooper in the Pacific Theater, the couple clings to faith and love. But their greatest challenges lie ahead. Their true story offers this generation a message of hope. 

Books for Sale

“Books have to be heavy, because the whole world is inside them.”
-Cornelia Funke

Maxwell: The Raindrop Who Wouldn't Fall - by Joe Moore

It encourages kids to be happy with who they are. Maxwell wants to be a bird, a flower or a rainbow...anything but a raindrop. Through the course of the story, the raindrops fall from the grandfatherly cloud. He gently tries to assure Maxwell that he is important simply being himself. After all of the rain has fallen, Maxwell sees a flower at the corner of a field that has been missed by the rain. He understands that the flower will dry up without water. Maxwell suddenly realizes the importance in being a raindrop, and falls to save the flower.

Maxwell the Raindrop: Am I Still Me? - by Joe Moore

Maxwell the Raindrop falls to save thirsty flower. later he turns into vapor, a snowflake, and back into water. With every change he asks "How can I look different but still be me?" Maxwell the Raindrop: Am I Still Me? a children's picture book that celebrates growth and change.

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