Community Arts Center

of Cambria County

Thank you for making our
​Coffee House nights such a smash!

The perfect way to spend a

summer evening, either

with friends or flying solo!

Our Coffee House series takes place monthly on Fridays throughout summer, and features a variety of local performances, from bluegrass bands to rock & roll to Gospel! And of course, each Coffee House night is free, and a range of coffees will be available for purchase.

May 4, Johnstown Community Strings
6:30pm - 8:30pm
Community Arts Center (1217 Menoher Blvd, Johnstown, PA 15905)

Community Strings is a group of string players who expressed the desire to play in a string orchestral setting. As adult players and in some cases adult beginners, no opportunity existed locally for these players to play together, similar to various community bands and choruses for other instruments and voices. The Johnstown Symphony Orchestra (JSO) agreed to help create an outlet to try to meet these desires and the Community Strings was born in Spring of 2009. The players, from as far away as Berlin and Loretto across Somerset and Cambria counties, have been meeting simply to enjoy and enrich their personal accomplishments alongside players of similar yet varied skill levels. The goal has been to play as a group, to learn as a group from the director and from each other, and to enrich each player's life with the communal benefits and pleasures of music. Some side benefits are that individual skill levels improve, players understand the dynamics of playing as an ensemble (rather than individuals) and they realize there are other like-minded and like-skilled players. Just as student musicians gain from enrichment programs outside their schools, so too can adult musicians gain from programs like the Community Strings.

June 8, Meat & Potatoes
6:30pm - 8:30pm
Community Arts Center (1217 Menoher Blvd, Johnstown, PA 15905)

The accomplished trio consist of Keith Inscho on lead vocals and guitar, Barry Miller on vocals and bass guitar, and Tony Arcuri on banjo. Meat and Potatoes features bluegrass, gospel and old time music genres. They have played various venues around the area for a dozen years including festivals, churches, nursing homes, coffee shops and lots of other places that like good ole foot stomping music.

July 13, Averyin
6:30pm - 8:30pm
Community Arts Center (1217 Menoher Blvd, Johnstown, PA 15905)

​Smitty and Deese are true soulmates; born with a passion for music. While their primary focus is on preserving the Gaelic folk tunes of their ancestral past, they will mix in an American folk tune, or a classic rock favorite from the 70’s… a plantation spiritual from the antebellum south, or an original jam that rises spontaneously during a live performance. 

Coffee House