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                      JULY & August

          Art Camps    

            for Kids!


                     All Art Camps Tues., Wed., Thurs.

                        Payment must be made in advance.


Get Ready for a

                Summer of "AWESOMENESS"!

It's the Way to "GOGH" This Summer!





Schedule Block for July 8-9-10


1-2-3 to the ZOO ...                               Ages 3-5                            Strike Up the BAND!                             Ages 4-6               
Yay, CLAY!                                           Ages 6+                          
   ART in My Back Yard                           Ages 6+                           DRAW Like An Artist                            Ages 8+


DANCIN' Up a Storm!                            Ages 3-5                          Down the Rabbit Hole                          Ages 3-5               
MIXED MEDIA Madness!                     Ages 6+                          
Wheel Thrown POTTERY                      Ages 8+                   WATERCOLORS & More!                      Ages 9-14

  11:45-12:15 LUNCH


Under the SEA                                     Ages 3-5                       PRINTMAKING Party!                           Ages 6+               
WACKY Sentences                              Ages 7+                           "ACT" It Out!
                                       Ages 7+                                 Be An ABSTRACT Painter                   Ages 9-14



SPECIAL EVENT!    Ages 6+   NM: $33  M: $30

"Muppets Most Wanted", the Movie

 The Muppets gang goes on a worldwide tour where they have sold out shows everywhere! They travel to Berlin, Madrid and London. But they get involved in an international crime caper when they run into someone who looks exactly like Kermit! Kermit gets blamed for things he didn't even do!

  Get ready for some PUPPET FUN when we make puppets of ALL kinds ... paper bag puppets, sock puppets, finger puppets, spoon puppets, felt puppets, FURry puppets, marionette puppets ... well, you get the picture ... we'll make them out of just about anything & everything! Discover the secrets of eyes, become a hair expert, develop the right nose or beak for a face.

  Puppets need to perform - so you, along with Miss April, will put together a script for your puppet performance. Working side-by-side, you'll learn how to "make" puppets, write the story lines, and more. Learn how to walk the puppet walk, talk the puppet talk. All you'll need to add is your imagination! A puppet performance will take place at 2:30 on Thursday. ALL are invited.

Please bring an old sock (or two) to the first class.



















Schedule Block for July 15-16-17


A "CREATIVE" Mess!                           Ages 3-5                            It's a JUNGLE Out There!                     Ages 3-5               
"When Pigasso Met Mootisse"            Ages 6+                          
   Wheel Thrown POTTERY                      Ages 8+                           KNIT Wits                                              Ages 9-14

9:30-11:00   (1-1/2 Hours)    HIP HOP Kids!     Ages 10-14


DANCIN' Up a Storm!                            Ages 3-5                          "Book" COOKS                                    Ages 4-6               
I Spy ... Colors in ART                          Ages 6+                          
PAINTING Landscapes                        Ages 6+                   Advanced DRAWING                           Ages 9-14

  11:45-12:15 LUNCH


MIXED MEDIA Madness!                    Ages 6+                       Starry Nights & Sunflowers                Ages 7+               
Puppets & Masks                               Ages 7+                           DRAW Like An Artist
                           Ages 8+                                         


SPECIAL EVENT!    Ages 6+   NM: $33  M: $30 

"The Lego Movie", the Movie

 Everyone has played with Legos!

Emmet Brickowski, from the Lego movie, is a Lego minifigure who lives in Bricksburg, along with a lot of your favorite minifigures who come to life. Emmet (along with his team) saves the Universe from being glued together. 

  Make "block" buster ART with Legos! ... do things like printmaking with them ... who knew? Make larger than life Lego blocks from recycled items and paint them in colors to match your room.

  Draw & paint YOUR OWN Lego character ... give it personality, then give it a name!

  On one of the days, a team of 2 "scientific" students from the Westytek Robotics Team (Westmont Hilltop High) will show us how they "constructed" their working robot, Seymore.  There will be a hands-on time when YOU actually get to "work" the controls.

R2-D2 ... move over!



Schedule Block for July 29-30-31


1-2-3 to the ZOO...                                Ages 3-5                            DANCIN' Up a Storm!                            Ages 3-5               
WORLD Travelers                                Ages 6+                          
   Yay, CLAY!                                           Ages 6+                           PAINTING with "Style"                         Ages 6+


AHOY, Mateys!                                     Ages 4-6                          "When Pigasso Met Mootisse"            Ages 6+               
Wheel Thrown POTTERY                      Ages 8+                          
   WATERCOLORS & More!                      Ages 9-14

  11:45-12:15 LUNCH


The "Magic" PAINTBRUSH                   Ages 3-5                       PRINTMAKING Party!                            Ages 6+               
Telling a Story on Canvas                    Ages 7+                          
Advanced DRAWING                           Ages 9-14                                


SPECIAL EVENT!    Ages 6+   NM: $33  M: $30 

"Frozen", the Movie

 Ever wish you had the power to "create" snow and ice and turn everything into a Winter Wonderland? Two sisters, Elsa and Anna, lived in Norway, in the kingdom of Arendelle, which was a happy place. One of the sisters, Princess Elsa, possessed that power! She created a living snowman named Olaf. We'll create our own silly looking, hilarious snowman from Model Magic and make a "Winter Wonderland" snow globe from a jar, complete with figurines & glitter.

  A traditional snack from Norway is a crispy flatbread. We'll turn our own homemade flatbread into a "flurry" of sweet snowflakes "frosted" with a lemony glaze. Mmmm! We'll try our hand at making snowcones!

  Paint a colorful winter scene with frozen paint ice cubes, make paper snowflakes, "frozen" silly putty and more "cool" projects.

  "Create" your own frosty, magical Kingdom, just like Arendelle and live happily ever after!











Schedule Block for August 5-6-7


DANCIN' Up a Storm!                           Ages 3-5                            It's a JUNGLE Out There!                    Ages 3-5               
PAINTING with "Style"                        Ages 6+                          
   Puppets & Masks                               Ages 7+                           Wheel Thrown POTTERY                     Ages 8+


Under the SEA...                                  Ages 3-5                             I Spy ... Colors in ART                          Ages 6+               
Starry Nights & Sunflowers                 Ages 7+                          
   FIBER Fun!                                           Ages 9-14

  11:45-12:15 LUNCH


Down the Rabbit Hole                          Ages 3-5                       PAINTING Landscapes                        Ages 6+               
WORLD Travelers                               Ages 6+                           DRAW Like An Artist
                           Ages 8+                                         


SPECIAL EVENT!    Ages 6+   NM: $33  M: $30 

"Mr. Peabody & Sherman", the Movie

 Mr. Peabody is a talking dog, of all things! ... and he is the smartest being in the whole wide world! He LOVES science, sports & technological discoveries. He finds an orphan baby & names him Sherman. The two of them take adventures through history with Mr. Peabody's GREAT invention, the WABAC, a time machine. Create your own miniature "time machine".

  Penny & Sherman travel the world ... first stop ... ancient Egypt where they visit King Tut. Make a King Tut replica from cardboard, gold foil & colorful Sharpie markers; armlets & anklets to wear & other Egyptian projects before we leave to travel to Florence.

  In Florence, they become friends with artist & inventor, Leonardo da Vinci. Design your own flying machine on paper, just like da Vinci did. PAINT your rendition of the "Mona Lisa" ... AND paint your very own wooden Greek Trojan horse!

  Where will YOUR "Time Machine" take YOU?







32 Fun Class Descriptions

Down the Rabbit Hole   NM: $17  M: $15                        Explore the "topsy-turvy" world of "Alice". Use your imagination and this children's classic to create one-of-a-kind works of art. Make "how-de-do" birds from Model Magic, paint things upside down and more!

1-2-3 to the ZOO...   NM: $17  M: $15                             ...with Eric Carle and other authors of kids' books. Hear stories about tigers, pandas, giraffes ... then do "WILD" art projects that relate to the stories. Enter the colorful, magical world of each animal & let your imagination soar! Each session has new projects.                           

DANCIN' Up a Storm!  NM: $17  M: $15                          Begin with fun warm-ups and stretches set to music, and then learn "simple" dance steps. Lots of movement! Wear comfortable clothing. Parents are invited to attend a recital on Thurs., 15 minutes before class ends.

Under the SEA...   NM: $17  M: $15                               ...is where we'll be! Paint a bubble wrap ocean scene, a rainbow fish puppet, "build" something with moon sand, and more!

A "CREATIVE" Mess!  NM: $17  M: $15                        Make OOEY GOOEY art using paint (lots of it!), rubber band brushes, spray bottles, shaving cream, sponges, scrapers, dabbers ... you name it ... we'll be using it to "create"! Don't be afraid to get messy!

It's a JUNGLE Out There!  NM: $17  M: $15                   Splash, Splodge, make and create jungle animals through art ... hear about famous artist Henri Rousseau. Tissue paper, buttons, liquid watercolors, fabric, canvas boards & more will be the supplies we use. Take a walk on the "wild side"!

The "Magic" PAINTBRUSH  NM: $17  M: $15                 Our "magical" brushes will take us on a "magical adventure" as we use them to paint skies filled with stars, make a textured collage of YOU come to life, plus more! Paints, salt, glitter, glue ... PRESTO! Magic!

Strike Up the BAND!   NM: $17  M: $15                           ... and put on your marching feet! We're havin' a parade! But first we have to make our instruments ... things like drums, maracas, rainsticks & more. Come & see what all the noise is about!

"Book" COOKS  NM: $17  M: $15                              Get ready for some fun in the kitchen! "The Littlest Owl", "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" and "If You Give a Pig a Pancake" are the books we'll listen to. THEN use your culinary skills to make easy snacks that relate to the story. Let us know if you have any food allergies.

AHOY, Mateys!  NM: $17  M: $15                              Put on your "sea legs" and sail with us to the "Island of Artistic Creation"! Listen to pirate tales and make all kinds of pirate "stuff". Shiver me timbers ... yer sure to have a GREAT time!

"When Pigasso Met Mootisse"  NM: $17  M: $15         Pigasso (aka Picasso) draws wacky shapes & uses "outrageous" color combinations, while Mootisse (aka Matisse) does artwork that is realistic & uses the correct colors. Painting, paper cutting & more. Let's combine the two and see what we can come up with!



I Spy ... Colors in ART   NM: $17  M: $15                        ... a children's book by author Lucy Micklethwait. Learn how to mix colors, "see" what colors are REALLY in the things you see & "paint" with those colors. "I sky with my little eye" ... something red!

PAINTING Landscapes  NM: $19  M: $17                      ...and more! Using various tools and brushes, you will be introduced to watercolor and acrylic painting techniques. Paint on canvas boards, stretched canvas and watercolor paper.                          

MIXED MEDIA Madness!  NM: $19 M: $17                   More than just paper & paint will be used in THIS class! We'll add things you never dreamed of to our paintings to make GREAT works of art. Tiny glass beads, sawdust, colored sand, PLUS a whole lot more!

WORLD Travelers  NM: $17  M: $15                               Pack your bags ... let's travel to far off places! Visit a different country each day, then learn about their culture & make an art project that relates to that country. Different countries visited each session.

Yay, CLAY!     NM: $25  M: $22                              Squish, pat and knead your clay to make a pinch pot, silly animals, plus more. Create wondrous worlds out of clay! Use sculpting tools & seashells to add designs, lines, grooves and squiggles. Clay and firing included.

PAINTING with "Style"  NM: $19  M: $17                   Study the "styles" of famous artists. Then use acrylics, watercolors, inks, etc. to create your rendition of still lifes, landscapes and abstract images. Then find your OWN style and paint a MASTERPIECE.

PRINTMAKING Party!  NM: $19  M: $17                          Print, Make, Play ... learn different ways to make a "print" of something. Use such things as plastic freezer or sandwich bags, gelli plates *make from Knox gelatin)or carve into Styrofoam plates. Let's get this party started!

ART in My Backyard  NM: $17  M: $15                           Start with a blank canvas, then use nature's palette to create art. Use flowers, leaves, twigs and other nature "things" to make a "Nature Medallion" make leaf prints with all shapes & sizes of leaves, make wee "tree sprites" from clay ... plus more.

"ACT" It Out!     NM: $17  M: $15                               Do you like to act & pretend to be someone else? You'll LOVE this class ...Miss April (who performs for Band of Brothers) is back for another year with a new play that she's written just for YOU. Parents are invited to attend a performance on Thurs., 15 min. before class ends.

WACKY Sentences...  NM: $17  M: $15                          Wacky sentences can turn into GREAT drawings! Use your imagination to "think" up crazy ideas. Then turn those ideas into "wacky" drawings. Add a "splash" of color with colored pencils, pastels and more.

Starry Nights & Sunflowers NM: $19  M: $17        PAINTERS WANTED! ... "Explore" the art of Post-Impressionist Vincent van Gogh while making your own versions of two of his master works ... maybe more if time permits. Use acrylics, pastels and watercolors. 





Puppets & Masks   NM: $17  M: $15                       Design and create an original cast of puppet characters & masks from LOTS of "things" ... fabric, feathers, paper mache, sequins, glitter. Maybe one that looks just like YOU!

Telling a STORY on Canvas  NM: $17  M: $15              Start with a blank canvas and "see where your brush takes you!" Use acrylic paint, charcoal, paper collage, etc. to tell YOUR story ... plus we'll combine our thoughts on one of the projects and see what story great minds can come up with! Should be interesting!    

Wheel Thrown POTTERY  NM: $38 M: $35                  Get your hands dirty as you learn how to wedge, center, pull & trim your clay. Then shape it into cylinders, bowls, cups & more. Clay and firing included.

DRAW Like an Artist  NM: $17  M: $15                           Study basic drawing elements such as shading, line, texture, form and composition. Some sessions will be outside, weather permitting. "Create" a portfolio of abstract, still life, figure & landscape drawings.

WATERCOLORS & More!    NM: $19  M: $17                 Learn basic techniques of watercolor: wet-on-wet, dry brush, wet-into-wet, how to do washes, etc. Use salt & plastic wrap to make textures. Make COOL crystalline paper by combining tissue paper and gel medium, then paint on it. Even do a weaving with our painting.  

Be An ABSTRACT Painter  NM: $19  M: $17                   Learn the meaning of "abstract" in this fun approach to painting. Experiment with techniques while being introduced to new ways of looking at different subject matter. Use bright colors to paint great compositions. Your finished painting will be a wonderful interpretation of who YOU are!

KNIT Wits      NM: $17  M: $15                               Print, Make, Play ... learn different ways to make a "print" of something. Use such things as plastic freezer or sandwich bags, gelli plates *made from Knox gelatin), and carve into Styrofoam plates. Let's get this party started!

Advanced DRAWING NM: $17  M: $15                           Learn to draw realistically ... what you see, not what you THINK you see. Build on the skills you already have and be introduced to new concepts, including form that is more complex, shading, values, color theory and perspective. Colored pencils & charcoal will be used.

FIBER Fun!     NM: $19  M: $17                                  Making ART with yarn, dyes & fibers is fun ... weave trees like artist Klimt suing yarn & twigs, "paint" a picture using wool fibers, and make a suncatcher by painting silk with dyes and salt. Embellish with wee glass beads & embroidery floss.

HIP HOP KIDS  NM: $25  M: $23                              Join Miss Angela for this awesome dance experience! Master the art of hip hop dance. Be ready to "show off your stuff" with way too cool moves to use on the dance floor. Wear comfortable clothing.














































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To Register Call 255-6515 Mon-Fri 10:00-5:00; Sat 10-3:00.  We reserve the right to cancel class due to lack of registration.  NO refunds after the first class.  No refunds if you do not show up for the class.  Make check payable to the Community Arts Center and mail to P.O. Box 866, Johnstown, PA 15907.




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