Previous 2018 Exhibitions

Ponas Doll Museum

(Permanent Display)

With more than 875 dolls on display, this extensive collection is sure to captivate girls, boys, collectors, and enthusiasts of all ages, and features antique handcrafted dolls, international dolls, porcelain dolls, bridal collection dolls, and more. | More »

Student & Teacher Exhibit

April 19, 2018 — April 30, 2018

We were thrilled to present select pieces from our various classes during the 2017-2018 year—and we are so proud of our teachers' and students' work. More »

Featuring Collections from Pennsylvania Artists

We are proud to showcase the pieces of some of the finest artists in Pennsylvania, in our Goldhaber-Fend Fine Arts Center gallery. We present a new exhibition almost monthly, so as to continually present our community with new and varied art. Our exhibitions are free, so please make plans to stroll through our gallery during our normal business hours.

Ageless Art

February 9, 2018 — February 28, 2018

This special exhibition kicked off our 50th year with art ranging from important members of the Community Arts Center's diverse history, including the 1987 "Constitution Quilt" created and quilted by 22 members of the Log House Quilters Guild and a signed Maurice Sendak poster of Where The Wild Things AreMore »


The Shirley Gaynor Collection

(Permanent Display)

This exhibition showcases the timeless work of Shirley Gaynor, the founder and visionary of the Community Arts Center, with pieces done in watercolor, pen & ink, acrylic paint, and more. | More »

Greater Johnstown Young
Artists Exhibit

May 9, 2018 — May 25, 2018

The annual Greater Johnstown Young Artists Exhibit features hundreds of pieces of artwork from 6th through 12th graders from schools across Cambria County, the best of which are awarded cash prizes. | More »

Community Arts Center

of Cambria County

The Webb Sight (feat. Duane Webb)

August 4, 2018—August 25, 2018

"As a fine artist, I work in mainly in oils, with caricature art in ink, pastel, and charcoal. I lean more towards a realistic approach, being influenced by masters such as illustrator Norman Rockwell. I rely on art for relaxation and leisure, and I try to project that in my work." —Duane Webb | More »

Poi-Boy GraphiX

March 3, 2018 — March 31, 2018

Graphic designer Koa Beam of Poi-Boy GraphiX enchanted us with his otherworldly graphic design. Superheroes, villains, and fantasy creatures owned the night in this fabulous collection. More »

Allied Artists Summer Exhibition

June 1, 2018—June 29, 2018

We're so excited to feature the Allied Artists in our brand new exhibition, featuring more than 60 pieces. With mediums including ink, watercolor, metal sculpture, and more, you will be enchanted by these brilliant pieces, 6 of which are award-winning. | More »

Current Exhibitions

Multiplicity (feat. Alexis Kovalovsky)

July 7, 2018—July 27, 2018

"Creating is an intimate process for me. Collectively, my artwork is a diary; my daily exploration of what is in my head and what is in my heart. Some are trivial and others are deep and romantic, but every single work is a part of me. Each piece is a story, waiting to be read." —Alexis Kovalovsky | More »