Ages 7+       Pauline Johncola

M: $24                                                                                              NM:  $29            
4:30-5:30 pm                                              6 Mondays … Jan. 15—Feb. 19          

Picassso! Van Gogh! Dali! Matisse! Kahlo! Warhol!  Explore techniques used by great artists to create your own masterpieces on canvas each week. The history and life of the artists will be discussed as you paint!  All supplies provided.

Create-A-Play “acting class”
Ages 6 + Joe Inman  

M: $27                                                                                                NM:  $32       
6:30-7:30                                                        6 Mondays, Jan. 15 – Feb. 19    

This exciting acting class will allow your shining stars to burn bright as they unleash their creativity and “wright” their own play. The class will be geared for each actor to develop their own special character. Through the use of improve, characterization and fundamental acting skills, the class will develop their own one of a kind unique play.

Ages 8+       Lara Rice

M: $20                                                                                               NM: $25
4:30-5:30pm                                                   6 Tuesdays…..Jan 16-Feb 20

Learn to Create what you see, not what you know is there. Join Lara as she explores light and color in life painting. Each class will teach you how to make your work of art pop or glow with various mediums.

Ages 7+ Pauline Johncola
Limit 10

M: $30                                                                                               NM:$35
4:30-5:30pm                                                 6 Thursdays…..Jan 18-Feb 22

Feel a sense of accomplishment each week when you complete a craft or piece of artwork to take home. This class will feature a variety of mediums and materials such as: nail and string art, tie-dye, salt crystal art, sound painting and more! The exploration of art through numerous media makes this class truly exciting. 

Please call us at (814) 255-6515 to register for the workshop or week series.

10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Call 814-255-6515 to register

The Community Arts Center would like to state a new policy in regards to our special events. We will no longer be giving refunds for event cancellations or postponements. Instead, the Arts Center will offer Log House Bucks, a dollar for dollar credit that can be used towards future Community Arts Center events & class sessions.

Log House Bucks!

Call 814-255-6515 to register

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Call 814-255-6515 to register

Call 814-255-6515 to register