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Poi-Boy GraphiX

Graphic Designer Koa Beam

March 3, 2018—March 31, 2018

We are thrilled to have displayed Koa Beam's artwork,

and we hope you enjoyed his pieces.

About the Artist. Born and raised as a resident of Cambria County, Koa graduated from Westmont Hilltop High School in 1991. Since then, he has been working in numerous graphics and design in numerous capacities. Currently he is a lead graphic artist for a Virginia "think tank," CANA Advisors. In his free time as an artist, he does sci-fi and fantasy illustration for books and games. Koa loves drawing commissioned character artwork. He comments, "I've been on the outer rim of the comic book and fantasy art scene for a good number of years now, and as of late I've been building a reputation for doing kick-butt BarArt." Koa draws his trademark BarArt at the drop of a hat with nothing more than a pencil, a ballpoint pen, and a sharpie (if one is handy). Recently he has been engrossed in utilizing higher quality art materials by means of an evening with friends at his various social media sites: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (@koabeam), and of course at his seldom, if ever, updated website


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