About the Exhibition
Preceding the demolition of the Westmont Hilltop Middle School, the student murals were to be eliminated along with the building as debris. Unless, an adequate home could be found. The murals are on approximately 4 x 8-foot wood panels, some consisting of multiple panels, on which former Westmont students have painted intricately detailed scenes. Some murals have personal connections with the students, some are inspired by classic works of art, while others are statement or expressive pieces; especially the patriotic pieces painted after the tragic 911 attack. The murals date back to the original late 1970’s/1980’s piece that started the entire collection. Although, some have been damaged over the years, a large majority are still intact, totaling around fifteen or more murals.

The Community Arts Center received a call from former Westmont Middle Hilltop School President, Karen Azer whom is the current Vice President of Operations to the Community Arts Center of Cambria County, she was notified of the status of the Westmont Middle School murals. From here Ms. Azer and Angela R. Godin, Executive Director of the Community Arts Center of Cambria County went to the school, surveying how many murals and panels there were. Then agreed to take them all and store them until a scheduled exhibition could be decide for 2017.


Westmont Hilltop Middle School Murals

Exhibition featured September 1-29

in the Goldhaber-Fend Fine Arts Center Gallery