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10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
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Friday, Sept. 22nd 


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Series 4

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Midnight Blues


Midnight Blues is a trio featuring the husband/wife duo of Natalie and John Kurchak, and Bernie Kralik. Natalie, John and Bernie have played locally on the music scene for several years, most notably in their classic rock band Midnight Graffiti. 

   Midnight Blues gives John, Natalie and Bernie the opportunity to present the softer side of Midnight Graffiti and features John and Bernie on guitar, and Natalie on vocals and percussion. A night with Midnight Blues features a wide range of traditional and non-traditional acoustic covers. For fans of Midnight Graffiti, Natalie, John and Bernie stay true to the classic rock genre, however, they mix up the set list with several newer songs from current artists including Adele and Grace Potter.


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 Midnight Blues