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Let us know that you are interested by submitting the form below! While our volunteer team is growing and the need is great, completing this form does not guarantee your becoming a volunteer of the Community Arts Center. Please be advised, some clearances or training may be required to have you serve in your area of choice.

Special Events

The Community Arts Center hosts a large number of events which attract thousands of people from around the country, like the Log House Arts Festival and the Holly Bazaar. If you have a "can-do" attitude, you'd be great at helping us with event prep, set-up, tear-down, coordinating volunteers, and more.

Summer Camp

Some people are great with kids—there's no two ways around it! If that's you, you'd fit in perfectly volunteering at our annual Summer Camp, assisting teachers, setting up classrooms, helping kids with their art, and making sure everyone is safe and having fun!

Front Reception Area

You are the first person a guest sees when they enter the Community Arts Center! This position is perfect for those who love to smile and have a knack for making others feel welcome. You'll also handle answering phone calls and class registrations.


As equally important as hosting a fabulous event is making sure our community is aware of it! Help us hang up posters and display advertisements in various coffee shops, restaurants, stores, and shops around Johnstown.

Graphic Design

As the hub for arts & culture in Johnstown, the Community Arts Center prioritizes quality promotional material, an online presence, and more. Volunteer your design abilities to help us present ourselves in a relevant and engaging way.

Exhibition Set-Up/Tear-Down

The Community Arts Center is proud to showcase a brand new exhibition nearly once a month! Partner with our team to handle and display various mediums of art, as well as configure a room layout for our opening ceremonies.


Facility Maintenance

Are you especially skilled at keeping a clean house? With the high number of rentals, classes, events, and traffic that happens at the Community Arts Center daily, you can help us keep our rooms and closets organized, our surfaces neat, and our floors clean.

Gardening & Outdoor Maintenance

Not everyone has a green thumb, so if you do, don't be shy! You'll love helping us keep our grounds beautiful! Also, if you enjoy outdoor maintenance such as lawn mowing or taking care of tree branches, we'd love to bring you into our volunteer army!

And More!

We love pairing people up with a role that matches their passion and skill set! If you enjoy art in any capacity, or you love the world of local non-profits, let us know—we have a place for you! Come belong to a passionate tribe who know how to have a good time!

Join our team!

One of the best ways to get connected is to volunteer! The Community Arts Center has been built on the generous time, resources, and talents of many people for 50 years and counting. As we grow larger and stronger, our volunteer army also needs to grow. Whatever your interests and strengths, we have a place for you!